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With this framework, you and anybody in your team can generate surprising, interesting, fun or wild ideas fast. Here is how it works.

First, you will break down the components of the theme and create a list of internal components. 
Second, then you will generate a list of opposite elements and a list of exaggerated elements. 
Third, you now randomly pick several elements from the lists and combine keywords to generate many ideas.

By spending a minimum of 30 min, you will discover yourself creating interesting ideas regardless of its practicality. 

After your purchase, you will download two PDF files. One is for worksheets, and another PDF is for instruction. You can host a brainstorm session immediately.

As a result, you or your team can generate ideas in a way you never experienced. What great is that it takes as little as 30min to get some wild idea out. With you creative ideas, your presentation would make impact to your 

Don’t be afraid of having interesting yet impractical ideas. If you continue to dig more, you may discover the way to bring to real life. 

Through this framework, people would recognize you as a creative thinker. 

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