Common sense is the biggest enemy
to a company’s growth and innovation.


Tadashi Yanai, the founder and president of Fast Retailing (Uniqlo Clothing is a subsidiary) writes, “What is the biggest enemy that prevents a company’s growth and innovation? It is ‘common sense.’” ( From the book Keieisha ni Narutame no Note.)

You must constantly break out of common thinking patterns.

This is what is required for your business to be successful and to grow continuously.

The problem is that creative thinking skills are not really taught in schools. As we are educated, our thinking patterns become set, and these patterns prevent us from thinking of new ideas. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to regain our creative thinking power, and excel at it. All it takes is training. And the more one trains, the stronger one’s creative muscle becomes.


What you will gain

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Install systematic creative thinking methods

You can make creative thinking methods as universal common tools in your organization so that anybody can generate great ideas. 

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Raise innovation catalysts in your organization

You can first train a small group of people who become evangelists spread the creative thinking methods. 

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Build a culture of innovation

You can build a culture of creative thinking with a right set of tools and well trained people. Imagine your organization will become a group of creative thinkers who brings innovation in all aspect of  your business.

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Creative Gym Workshop Overview

Creative Gym’s specialty is providing fun and exciting workshops that allow people to acquire practical methods of viewing problems from different perspectives and generating innovative ideas.


Visualize Contexts

We start with a business scenario. We try to understand it, and then we visually map the customer experience and the company operation that creates that experience. We then start to surface problems.


Look at the problem in different ways

The problems that have been surfaced are viewed from different perspectives in order to unearth the core issues that the company may face. We then translate the problems into opportunities.


Brainstorm Bold Solutions

Lastly, in order to capitalize on these opportunities, we experiment with three tools that break us out of our common thinking patterns in order to produce bold, new solutions.

Who we worked with

I really enjoyed the workshop. Each of the participants brought in different thinking and we were able to joyfully create interesting ideas in each activity. All of the activities were quite engaging and fun. It was quite a pleasant experience to squeeze a variety of ideas out of my brain!!
— Hideki Koyama, Employee at Japanese Corporation in NYC
I sensed that my brain was really getting great stimuli. The more energy I put towards thinking, the more interesting ideas started to emerge. I am convinced that the more we train our brain, the better we can think creatively.
— M.S., Project Manager at a global jewelry company

Founder Takao Umehara

Takao is a designer and innovation strategist, whose passion is to encounter the “A-ha Moment.” He loves helping people think creatively so they can generate interesting ideas.

He has been researching and developing creative thinking methods for the past 12 years, and has been helping numerous people and organizations through one-on-one training or group workshops.

Takao is originally from Tokyo, Japan and has been living in the United States for the past 17 years.